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1 Day Cheer & Dance Camp

1 day of new skills.  This is a condensed camp that focuses on learning new skills to polish with your coach before your next performance. 

Camp Cost $55/ Athlete

2 Day Cheer & Dance Camp

2 days to learn and refine new skills from Laramie Peak Athletics LLC.  Instructors will work with individuals on technique development after creating a personalized schedule with your coach.

Camp Cost $98/ Athlete

3 Day Cheer & Dance Camp

The ultimate camp that gives your team time to learn, perfect, and perform the new skills brought to you by Laramie Peak Athletics LLC.  Instructors will work with coaches to build a personalized schedule and work with each stunt group to achieve optimal skill progression over 3 days.  

Camp Cost $145/ Athlete 

1 Day Tumbling Camp

Do you need to focus on tumbling technique and gaining that new skill? Choose this camp as a single day for your team to have skill specific training. 

Camp Cost $50/ Athlete

365 Day Promise!

 All camps come with 365 days of free consultation from the instructors who lead your camp.

1 Day Stunt Camp

Are you ready to work new group stunts or pyramids to show at your next event? This 1 day camp can be a single day for skill specific training with your team. 

Camp Cost $50/ Athlete

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